Responsible AI for Social Good

We use machine learning to make career exploration and skill assessments accessible to everyone.

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Compatible Occupation standards

We build on ESCO but can support any national occupation taxonomy

Privacy and data security first

We are committed to keep the personal data of our users safe and secure.

Information Security Strategy
Our Information Security Strategy is based on the ISO 27001 standard, as well as the legal frameworks of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the e-Privacy Directive.
Personal data stored on EU servers
The personal data collected through our mobile application is stored, managed and backed-up on servers in the European Union.
ISO 27001 certified data storage
SkillLab’s cloud service provider is ISO 27001 certified and maintains an extensive security infrastructure to prevent unauthorised data access.

Human-Centered Design

Our product development is driven by a focus on our users. This is reflected in our principles:

Be socially beneficial.
We will strive to make high-quality information available using AI, while continuing to respect cultural, social, and legal norms.
Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias.
We will seek to avoid unjust impacts on people, particularly those related to sensitive characteristics.
Be accountable to people.
We will design AI systems that provide opportunities for feedback while ensuring appropriate human direction and control.
Incorporate privacy design principles.
We will incorporate our privacy principles in the development and use of our AI technologies.

Integrated with EURES

We proudly partner with EURES to provide the benefits of European Job Mobility to our clients and users. With our integration, job seekers in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway can discover jobs that fit their skills.