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Skilllab empowers employment agencies to better integrate job seekers with refugee status into labour markets.

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Skilllab wins Google AI Impact Challenge - Google announced today that Skilllab B.V. is one of 20 organizations that will share $25 million in grants from,…
Joining Tent Partnership for Refugees - Skilllab is proud to be the newest member of the Tent Partnership for Refugees. The Tent Partnership for Refugees is…
Piloting our software with five cities - Over the past seven months, we have been successfully piloting our software with a number of leading cities accross Europe.…
  • "Before using Skilllab, I struggled to capture and express the skills I have developed in my past jobs."
  • "I found it easier to express my capabilities using Skilllab, than a traditional interview."
  • "The skill assessment made me describe skills that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own”