We support employment and career services

Empower with SkillLab’s solution your clients to turn their skills into careers

For employment & career counsellors

    Serve clients digitally and remotely - at pace/scale.

  • Invite clients to capture their own skills
  • Search client database for available talent, skills and occupation matches.
  • Generate data to understand clients and labor market trends

For your clients

    A career assistant enabling people to:

  • Capture skills and create a personal profile
  • Explore and understand career fields
  • Receive tailored education recommendations
  • Generate job application materials

For training & education providers

    Enable employment services and their clients to find your content

  • Map your course offerings to skills with our automated editor
  • Highlight your courses to address personal skill gaps
  • Track and improve the performance of your offering

Additional features

Easily integrate SkillLab into your service

  • API integration into your platform

  • Integrated customer and user support

  • Better serve migrants through automatic translation across 27 languages