We support employment and career services

Empower your clients to turn their skills into careers with SkillLab 

Empower people

Our mobile application uses artificial intelligence to help people capture their skills, explore careers and apply for jobs

Skill profiling

Our gamified and AI-enabled interview allows the user to quickly and easily capture their experiences and skills.

Career orientation

Based on their individual skill profile, users can discover and explore careers while receiving tailored education recommendations.

Job application support

Users can automatically generate application materials that are customized and tailored to desired jobs.

State of the art career support

Our partners use SkillLab to better understand their clients and uncover pathways to education and employment

Empower clients

Our partners can manage the distribution of the application. Users can use the application on their own, at their leisure.

Informed service delivery

Our partners are able to access the user data to tailor their service delivery, monitor progress and find suitable applicants for available careers.

Data analytics

We enable our partners to collect and synthesize standardized data about the people they serve.


Capture skills

Mobile application to capture skills, explore careers and generate job applications

Admin portal

Administrative portal for career counsellors to invite clients and understand their skills

Multiple languages

Discover and document skills with an AI-based interview in 27 languages

Personal matches

Recognize and address skill gap with matches to education and training

CV generation and more

Automatically generate skill-based application materials tailored to careers

Search database

Search client profiles to find matches for careers or skill combinations


API access to embed SkillLab in existing systems


Integrate and manage occupational frameworks and maintain taxonomies


Automatically translate materials across 27 different languages

White label

White-label SkillLab’s solution to reflect brand identities

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