Empower people to turn their skills into careers

Career Guidance technology to address the challenges of labour market transitions

People need career support

Career transitions

Increasing number of transitions throughout a career

Transfer experiences

Formal qualifications and experiences are not transversal

Difficulty communicating

People struggle to express their capabilities

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We partner with organisations that empower people to progress their careers. Together, we develop award winning technology

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Start by inviting your clients


To capture skills, explore careers and apply for jobs


Provide data driven and skill-based career support

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This is a crucial moment for career support

Employment is an essential integration factor for refugees and migrants

This is a crucial moment for career support

COVID-19 continues to affect many job seekers and is widening the digital divide

This is a crucial moment for career support

Existing trends like automation and digitalization change the structure of labour markets

This is a crucial moment for career support

The transition to a Green Economy demands large-scale re-skilling of workforces

Impact lives with innovation

We partner with organisations that empower people to progress their careers

Skill profiling

Improve employment outcomes with skill profiling technology


Complement intake and existing services with a self-service tool


Deliver personalized career orientation at scale


Improve service quality through data driven insights

What our users say

The most touching part for me was to see their reaction when we said that their informal experiences also did matter. It was amazing to say: "look how many skills you have!" They felt very empowered
Daniela, Caseworker - DignifAI
The mobile application has given me confidence in my skills and abilities, and has driven me to dream about the potential for my busines
Danielis, User - HIAS
One of the main changes for the good was that [SkillLab offers] depth and breadth, helping to create new ways of discussing an issue and leading to new solutions that anyways were in the air
Johanna, Project Manager - Springhouse
I came to Amsterdam four years ago, if I had known this application before, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort to plan for my future here.
The app has surpassed my expectations. There were many career matches that I did not expect and that actually make sense
Louis, User - DignifAI
In many cases, after a participant has completed training, they realize they did not really need it. SkillLab helped to minimize this issue as the recommendations are very accurate for the users
Esraa, Case Worker - ABA

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