Empowering people to turn their skills into careers.

We believe that no person should be excluded from opportunity simply because their skills are invisible.

That is why we help people express their skills and uncover pathways to social and economic participation.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment

SkillLab aims to provide equal opportunities for all job seekers by uncovering pathways to social and economic participation through partnership-enabled education and employment. No person should be deprived of dignity and livelihood simply because their skills are invisible due to status, race, gender or background.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest a majority of our profits to improve our product, grow our reach and ensure the fulfilment of our mission.

Ai for Impact Winner

Amongst more than 2600 applicants, SkillLab was selected as one of the 20 winners of the global Google AI Impact Challenge in 2019.

SkillLab has gained wide recognition as an innovator in the space of tech for inclusive labour markets.

Our company has been accredited by: