SkillLab Life: Our Hiring Process

We are proud of the successful teams we have built!  Our goal is to welcome unique talent: purpose-driven professionals who have a learning mindset and passion for collaboration. During recent years, our company grew a lot, and welcomed team members from many parts of the world. We work with SkillLabers from 28+ nationalities and counting. We built more than a great team, we built a community! 

Looking for a new role and interviewing with companies can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to expect.  At SkillLab, we want to make our process as transparent as possible, and set you up for success!

SkillLab Team

Step 1: Application

It all starts with you applying for a role. We review your application based on the role requirements and the motivation you bring to make your skills relevant to our mission and business. We receive a lot of applications but we review each one with care and diligence. If your profile and skills match the role requirements, we invite you to an interview. If there isn’t a match, we will inform you via email, and send you some tips on making your application shine next time. We will also recommend that you check our LinkedIn and Careers page for future positions that could be a good fit.

Step 2: Introductory call

We want to learn more about you! You will have an online interview with HR, and we will tell you more about the role and SkillLab. Our discussion will cover getting to know each other, your motivation to work at SkillLab, your experience, role-related skills, and logistics of the role (for example relocation needs).

Step 3: Technical or role-related interview

You will have a call with one of our role experts. If it is an engineering or data science role, you will participate in a live coding session. For other roles, we will ask you to work on a pre-interview challenge, and prepare some slides depending on the position. The first part of the interview will focus on the presentation of your analysis and recommendations. Each interview lasts 45-60 minutes.

Step 4: SkillLab values interview

You will have a conversation with two SkillLabers you will frequently interact with during your work. You should expect behavioral-based questions on the topics collaboration, learning mindset, working in diverse environments, etc. We want to learn how you approach and solve problems. Your ability to clearly explain your thought process and how you use data to inform decisions is important to us. Always remember to ask questions if you need clarifications. This stage lasts 45-60 minutes.

Step 5: Team lead interview

You will have a conversation with your prospective team lead. You will get to know each other, you will share what motivates you at work, and what you could bring to the team. You should expect some behavioral based questions as the interview style we use in our process. 

Don’t forget that a hiring process is a two-way process! Bring any questions you have about the role, the team, the company or anything else, as this is a discussion. What do you want to learn to make yourself excited about working at SkillLab?

Hiring decision and Offer

Once we complete the round of interviews, our hiring team will meet to discuss the candidates they met, and decide on the job offer. After the offer is made, we will ask for two references from a past employer of yours. We want to have a short call with them to hear their perspective on how to best work with you.

We’re committed to a fair, transparent and inclusive hiring process. You can review our open roles on our Careers page and LinkedIn page

*If you are applying for an internship, you will be involved in two stages: a call with the recruiter and an interview with your potential internship supervisor that includes a short pre-interview assignment to prepare. The hiring process for internships is always listed in the job descriptions. The main goal of an internship is learning and therefore we want to keep the process short but cover the basic parts that will help both parties understand if it is a match.