QIII 2020: Individual Learning Pathways

Dear Partners & Friends, 

we hope this finds you well! 

In living through these unprecedented times, we are looking ahead at an inclusive recovery process. We believe that adult education, based on the needs of people, must play a major role in this process. 

A recent report on upskilling pathways published by Cedefop highlights the importance of ensuring every adult has lifelong opportunities to update and acquire new skills. Creating an individual learning pathway can help navigate uncertain times and address the challenge we now face.

The report highlights a change in service culture for proactive career guidance as well as valuing learning in non-formal and informal settings to empower people. We could not agree more. 

SkillLab is working on integrating courses from online- and presence-training providers in its mobile solution. Once integrated, educational items can be recommended on the basis of a person's unique skill-set.

The first results are very promising and we plan to roll out the service at scale soon. If you are interested in learning more or partnering, please do not hesitate to reach out

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