Skills-First Digitalization of the Employment Service to Support the People and Employers of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has caused a significant disruption in the labor market, leading to a critical imbalance between supply and demand in both war-affected and rear regions. This disruption is due to the destruction and closure of businesses, the relocation of enterprises, and the displacement of a large portion of the population.

In response, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), the World Bank, SkillLab, the State Employment Service, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine have joined forces to support the people and employers of Ukraine. 

This initiative is part of NRC's Livelihood and Food Security program, aiming to enhance self-reliance and implement durable solutions for those experiencing long-term displacement due to the war. The project focuses on the digitalization of employment services to address the specific challenges faced by those affected.

Logos of all stakeholders involved in the project

This project is a joint effort of multiple stakeholders, including SkillLab, NRC, World Bank, the State Employment Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

The project, implemented with the State Employment Service of Ukraine, provides job seekers access to the SkillLab tool, enabling them to create detailed skill profiles, receive career and job recommendations, and generate customized CVs.

To enhance the effectiveness and relevance of the SkillLab platform for Ukrainian job seekers, SkillLab has mapped the Ukrainian classifier of professions to ESCO, ensuring the platform helps job seekers effectively showcase their skills in the local market.

Moreover, SkillLab has integrated with the State Employment Service's job platform, allowing job seekers to receive personalized vacancy recommendations based on their skill profiles and career interests. The system analyzes the data provided by users to match them with suitable job openings, enhancing the efficiency and success rate of the job search process. Preliminary evaluation of the project by the World Bank has shown positive results for the group of first time job seekers that used SkillLab. This group has 31.8% higher employment outcome compared to the group that went through the regular procedure. 

Some project participants shared their experiences about how SkillLab helped them on their job seeking journey. The following user stories showcase the real-life impacts of the project.

Mariia from Velyka Novosilka, Donetsk oblast

Mariia had a diverse work history but faced challenges finding employment due to the lack of official qualifications and difficulty in documenting her previous experience.

After losing her job, she registered at the Velykonovosilkivskyi District Employment Center. The specialists of the center offered her to try the SkillLab app, which would help her to create a competitive resume highlighting her skills and experiences.

Despite poor internet access in the region and initial technical difficulties, Mariia was able to create her skill profile. She found SkillLab beneficial, especially with guidance from her counselor. With her new resume, she secured a temporary job at an agricultural company as a cook and laborer. She plans to undergo further training to secure long-term employment as a cook.

I want to say that when people have a diploma, it's easier for them to get a job. Since I don't have a diploma, thanks to a well-made resume from SkillLab, I found a job.

Mariia is grateful for the support from the State Employment Center and believes that SkillLab played a crucial role in her job search success. She now recommends the platform to her friends and colleagues, emphasizing its effectiveness and helpfulness in the current job market and circumstances in Ukraine.

Natalya from Kostiantynivka, Donetsk oblast

Natalya's employment journey involved a transition from a long career in the State Tax Services to becoming a career guidance specialist and psychologist. However, with the onset of war forcing many to leave her city, her business suffered, leading her to the Employment Center at the age of 59.

The Employment Center offered her to try SkillLab. Using SkillLab she was able to highlight her skills and create a unique resume. During the skill assessment, she was able to add skills from both her main and related occupations to her profile, which made her stand out among other candidates.

Natalya also utilized the platform to explore job vacancies in government institutions within the psychology field, ultimately leading her to her current position. Using SkillLab, she tailored her resume to match the requirements of a psychologist vacancy at the Social Services Center, and she got the job.

Natalya is thankful for the support from Employment Center specialists, who kept her updated on job opportunities and assisted her in navigating the platform. With SkillLab and the guidance of the Employment Center, she secured a position that matches her career aspirations, and she is highly content with her new role.

On the platform, I was looking through various vacancies in government institutions for my profession - in the field of psychology. If they are in different cities of Ukraine, then probably they will also be in our region. So I asked our Employment Center, and indeed there was such a vacancy. That's how I found my current job.

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