Tablomonto invests in SkillLab

SkillLab is proud to announce that Tablomonto has joined Rubio as an investor.  Tablomonto will support us with their experience in building great and impact-oriented businesses. We are excited to benefit from their expertise and network as we grow SkillLab and scale our operations. 

Tablomonto is a venture capital firm investing in 'tech for better' start-ups: start-ups that use technology to drive a more sustainable and equal tomorrow. This could be in themes such as job security and future of work, education, health, and environmental sustainability.  They offer programmatic support to diverse founding and management teams and help scale their startup into a solid business.

We are very excited that we got the opportunity to join Rubio Impact Ventures in supporting SkillLab in their next phase of growth. We very much subscribe to SkillLab’s mission and are impressed by the leadership team and their accomplishments so far.
Rolf Bixner, Managing Partner Tablomonto

One of Tablomonto’s principles is the support of diverse founding teams with a diverse gender and/or cultural background, as research shows that these companies are most likely to be successful, yet have more difficulty accessing capital. They have been one of the first investors in Bloomon, Boldking, LeQuest, Brenger, OpenClaims, Lepaya and We Are Eves, to name a few. 

We foresee a huge demand for SkillLabs innovative tools and services by governments institutions and employment agencies worldwide in their efforts to support the employment of e.g. migrants or people looking for new careers in the post-Covid time. 
Rolf Bixner, Managing Partner Tablomonto

As the global attention steers towards an inclusive economic recovery, our vision in which everyone has a pathway to employment is more relevant than ever. While working towards this vision, we are building an organisation that reflects this inclusiveness and are grateful to have Tablomonto with us on this journey.