Track employment outcomes with SkillLab

SkillLab is launching new software solutions that go beyond the direct delivery of career services. Through continuous engagement with our customers and partners, we saw the enormous burden placed on our partners to monitor and report on their impact. That is why we are introducing new features that help our partners to deliver career orientation and monitor and report on their impact in one seamless integrated solution. 

The additional new tools that will be launched in Q2/2021 fully integrate a new set of tracking and reporting tools with the already existing skill profile management functionality. Today, organisations that deliver career services using SkillLab’s mobile career guidance app manage job seeker’s skill profiles and occupational history through the accompanying profile management application for employment and career services.

It is important to track employment outcomes to demonstrate the positive social impact our partners and SkillLab have on the job seekers we serve.
Azza El Hayek - Reporting Specialist, SkillLab

The new progress funnel will enable these organisations to closely track career guidance progress across different stages. In particular, the tracking and reporting on outcome metrics such as placement in jobs or education programs will simplify workflows such as data collection and reporting.

Specifically, clients will be able to:

- Track profile completion progress, user activity and career guidance completion;

- Track outcomes related to job placement, including the type of employment;

- Report on five different outcome metrics (custom metrics available on request);

- Receive a weekly progress report.

Reach out via our contact form to receive a demo and get a first sneak peak of the new features.