Our Latest User comes from the North Pole

Our latest user is a seasonal worker with 1721 years of work experience. Santa has remained in the same job for a long time and has amassed an incredible amount of skills. From navigating the night skies, planning for logistics to understanding children's needs and supervising a production facility, his role of Director of Christmas Operations has equipped him well for finding a full-time role. Prior to starting his position, Santa completed his Master's in Christmas Business Administration at North Pole University and Bachelor's in Logistics at South Pole University. In his free time, from end of December through November, he has taken up Skateboarding.

I love my job. But, honestly, with advances in production technology, I no longer need 12 months to prepare for Christmas. Initially I thought I could fill my free time by taking up Skateboarding with the Elves, but even that got old after a while.
Santa Claus, User

After filling out his skill profile, Santa realized that there were many careers he was qualified for. But Santa has always known what he likes. After looking through the careers section and exploring all the different careers that matched his skillset and had vacancies near the North Pole, Santa identified career goals that match aspects of his current role. He is interested in taking up a role as a carriage driver, production supervisor or logistics and distribution manager - all careers that he is a good fit for.

After creating and exporting his CV, Santa feels confident that he can find a part time role. Working with his career counsellor, Santa is exploring his options.

The career counsellor working with Santa was surprised to see this many years of experience and this varied a skill set from only one role. While Santa was qualified for a lot of careers, there were often some skills missing.

While Santa had a lot of experiences with carriages, working as a carriage driver without learning some new skills would be tough. While Santa could handle his reindeer and was familiar with navigating and driving in urban areas, he had no experience dealing with passengers. Also, having never charged for any of his services, he did not know how to handle payments or provide prices.

Initially, Santa was disappointed, as he had always enjoyed being on his carriage and driving around. After seeing that Santa was interested in driving a carriage and taking a closer look at his skills, the career counsellor approached Santa with an alternative suggestion. Together, they decided that, maybe, if driving was what he wanted, Santa was better suited to work as a delivery driver, thus avoiding the thorny issue of passengers and payments. Turns out, Santa had some previous experiences with deliveries as well.

We wish Santa all the best in his career journey. However, we hope that whatever career he might discover will not interfere with his main role.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!